Our Philosophy

Seedlings Academy is a preschool, daycare, infant, VPK / School Readiness program and a home away from home that  organically nurtures one “seedling at a time.” Each child is an individual progressing at their own rate (socially, intellectually, emotionally, and physically). A preschool effectiveness is based on the culture of the school, its environment as well as the quality and experience of its management and teachers. At Seedlings Academy we offer an organic, eco friendly environment for your child and our experienced staff is encouraged to continue their education to grow professionally.

Honestly Free

Seedlings Academy is Honestly FREE of: chlorine, latex, lotions, fragrances, common allergens, phthalates, fragrances, optical brighteners, PVC, heavy metals, organotin (MBT, DBT, TBT) & harsh petrochemical additives. For more information check out the Honest Company at www.thehonestcompany.com.

Seventh Generation

Seedlings Academy believes that products designed from renewable plant-based ingredients are better for the planet than products made from petroleum. That is why we use Seven Generation products at our campuses. For more information about these products visit www.seventhgeneration.com.

STEAM Learning Experience

Your child’s preschool experience helps to develop their emotional, social, academic foundation by cooperating, collaborating, and communicating with other children and staff, as they experience unique “age specific” STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) learning activities.